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Woman with Long Eyelashes

Which Service To Choose

New To Lashes?

We recommend Naked Lash Length and Volume. It is completely customizable to your desired look. You will love the natural and soft feel of your new lashes that make you look and feel amazing every day! 

Refresh appointments are for filling in your Naked Lash Length and Volume after some lashes have shed over the weeks. (Please read "Life with Extensions")

LashDip and LashDip with Corners services are appropriate services for clients that have long, full lashes already. It is a coating of LashDip Semi-Permanent mascara that adds a deep dark coating on your own lashes. 

Coated Length and Volume is the same as Naked Lash Length and Volume with the addition of a coat of LashDip Semi-Permanent Mascara. If you choose the Naked Lash Length and Volume Service you can ask to have this coating at the end of your service if you wish. 

Which Service to Choose: Welcome
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