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Woman with Long Eyelashes

Which Service To Choose

New to lashes? Read the below for some help choosing.

Ready to dive in!!!

We recommend Naked Lash Length and Volume. It is completely customizable to your desired look. You will love the natural and soft feel of your new lashes that make you look and feel amazing every day! 

Refresh appointments are for filling in your Naked Lash Length and Volume after some lashes have shed over the weeks. (Please read "Life with Extensions")

Dip your toe in? 

Our LashLine Enhancer Service is a half hour of extensions placed just so to add a framework of extensions which will enhance your own lash line. You'll still want to wear mascara and this service comes with an extension safe mascara we love. This service is not refreshable. Wear it till it's gone and come back whenever you like for another. (Or upgrade within ten days to a full set, ask about pricing.)

Wading in?

LashLine Enhancer Plus is for you. It is a full hour of extensions and is a lush version of the LashLine Enhancer service described above. Most clients don't even use the mascara that comes with this. Also not refreshable. 

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