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Why can some places charge only $35 for a full set of lashes?

When you see someplace that charges a small amount of money you are putting your natural lashes at risk. Getting lashes that are going to be safe for your own lash-line is meticulous and time consuming work. If someone is charging you a small amount of money it is because they are about to adhere large clusters of lashes to a grouping of your lashes. This will look super volume and amazing for about a day. Then they will start to sag, and tug on your lash-line thereby breaking and thinning your natural lashes. We've seen many clients who come to us in the aftermath of this, it is not pretty and takes months and months to recover a decent lash line. If you are not willing to invest in a trained, skilled lash artist who has your best interests at heart, we recommend you don't get any lashes at all. 


What are volume (3D, 4D, 5D) lashes.

Volume lashes by a skilled and practiced lash artist can be done safely but not long term. 3D means adhering 3 extensions to one of your lashes. 4D, 4 to one of yours, 5D, well you get the picture...pretty close to those clusters that are so unsafe. However there are lash artists out in the world that can do this safely. And those that do them safely are the first ones to tell you that you cannot wear those long term. They are too heavy and will cause damage over time.


Why should I look for in a lash technician?

Your lash artist should be someone you feel very safe and comfortable with. Someone who takes the time to talk to you about your lifestyle and the look you want and guide you in your choices for your lash look. Your lash artist should be comfortable with tweaking your look and service every time you come in if that is what you want to do. Communication is everything. Your lash artist (and studio) should have high standards of cleanliness and sanitation. If your lash artist does not wash their hands before your service, run away. 


What should I look for in a lash studio?

You want a studio that specializes in lashes and has very clean conditions and proper sanitation. The studio should have a policy of cleanliness and sanitation that all lash artists adhere to rigidly. Combining spray tanning, nail filing, or hair cutting with lashing is never a good idea. Fine air particulates resulting from those services is not an ideal lashing environment. 

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