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All about life with lash extensions...LIFE IS BETTER WITH LASHES

Look younger, brighter, refreshed, and happy...all while doing less of a make-up routine than you ever have.

Our studio specializes in lashes. We adhere one lash extension to each of your own (appropriately healthy and mature) lashes. This can be worn continually with no damage to your natural lash line. (See FAQ page for more info on healthy lashing.) 

It is normal for a person to shed 3-6 of their own lashes per day. With a full set of lash extensions done well, (one appropriate weight lash extension adhered to each one of your mature lashes), you will walk out with a gorgeous look that is comfortable and sustainable. Extensions are adhered to lashes only, never to your skin. It is not uncommon to have anywhere from 40 - 60 extensions per eye for a total of around 100 lash extensions. As your own lashes naturally shed they will take the extension attached with them. Over the course of two to three weeks you will naturally shed 42 to 63 of your own lashes while your baby lashes (which we never use for extensions) grow up and new lashes come in. This is why after two to three weeks you will see that the service is looking less full. A refresh service will allow us to get those newly matured lashes filled and get you back to your fullest stage again. And so on! Extension maintenance is simply a natural part of your own lash cycle.

At Iconic we always do a health check at a refresh appointment and make sure that we are seeing healthy strong lashes ensuring that the type and size of extension we are using for you is completely compatible, tweaking as necessary. As long as your lashes are happy and healthy you can continue refreshing as long as you like. If you don't refresh, your extensions will shed completely as your own lash pattern refreshes itself. 

Just as your full service is completely customizable to the look you want, any time you want to change up the look we can do that for you during a refresh. Want longer at the corners or more taper? Just ask! Our lash artists are always willing to play around with your look with you. 

If there is something about your eyes that has always bothered you (one looks more open than the other, or there is a height difference) just mention it to your artist, she may be able to camouflage that a bit with lashes.Your eyes are sisters and not twins, same with your lashes, perfect balance will look unnatural.The truest happiness with lashes comes when you wake up and rejoice at the better you and the lack of morning routine. LIFE IS BETTER WITH LASHES!!!!

Of course lashing is a partnership! You must keep your lashes clean and take care to use products around your eyes that are oil free in order to keep the service in good shape. Very hot water, steam, shampoos and conditioners are also enemies of lash adhesive. A good routine will allow you to take good care of your own service. 

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