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Long Lashes

Caring For Your Lash Service

The LONGEVITY of your lashes depends on your home care. 


  • Wash your lashes daily. Suds up and rinse immediately with cool water. Use the lash wash that came with your service or buy a wash that is extension safe, avoid makeup removers. Use the white bristle brush that came with your full set to clean your lashes with a gentle downward stroking motion. Don't use the mascara wand to wash your lashes, it will tug them off!

  • Use your mascara wand to brush/style your dry lashes. Please wait 15 minutes after showers to brush. This allows lashes to return to room temp and reduces the risk of premature shedding. 

  • Working out at the gym? Wash lashes when you get home. Sweat/oils/products will find their way to your lashes during a workout, wash them out!

  • Pool swimming? Wash lashes right after. Chlorine makes lash adhesive brittle. 

  • At the Beach? Wash lashes when you leave. Even if you don't go in the ocean, be sure to wash your lashes, the salt is in the air!

  • Sunblock? Keep away from your lashes. If you sweat sunblock into your lashes, wash them right away. Sunblock is greasy and will dissolve the adhesive bond.


  • Avoid hot water on your lashes. This can soften the adhesive bond.

  • Avoid oils of all kinds. Oil will dissolve the adhesive bond. Oil has a high saturation rate. Even if you are avoiding your eyes, oil applied to your forehead/eyebrows will still transfer to your lids.

  • Don't sleep on your lashes. You don't want to mush them up!

  • Don't open ovens or grills with your face close by. Let that heat/steam/smoke escape before putting your face too close, lashes can singe easily.

  • Hot hair dryers can also singe. Shield your lashes from heat styling tools. 

  • Don't touch them. Oils in your hands will degrade the adhesive.

  • Don't pick or pull your lashes.  Lashes are meant to shed on their own, picking or pulling on them could damage the cuticle.

  • Don't use regular mascara. Extension safe mascaras are on the market, we sell our favorite brand at the studio. (Mascara must be cleaned off prior to your appointment. It creates a barrier between your natural lash and adhesive.) 

  • Don't worry, be happy, no tears! Tears have salt in them so if you do have a teary day (we hope they are happy tears)...when you're done, wash them out to get that salt away.

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