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Lash Services

Professional and Impeccable

Iconic Studio will exceed your expectations. With high standards for cleanliness and sterilization you will feel comfortable and safe. Services are completely personalized to fit your unique needs and ensure the best possible results.

Naked Lash Length and Volume

Wake Up Beautiful Every Day

Lightweight, comfortable single lash extensions are used to custom build the length and volume your natural lashes need to make your eyes sparkling and gorgeous. We don't use fans or clusters, only single lashes to fully customize a feathery soft and natural feeling look you will love! Your new Naked Lashes give you a "get up ready to go" lifestyle. Most clients say good bye to mascara forever! 

(2 hrs, $225)

Note: May be refreshed continually. No need for another full service as long as good care and timing are used.

Lash-Line Enhancer

Not ready for a full set of extensions?

Not ready to commit to the joys of a full set of lash extensions? 

Enhance your own lashes with a framework of extensions to give your own lash-line a nicer flow and shape. You'll still want to wear mascara to show them off and your initial Lash Line Enhancer Service includes a tube of our extension safe mascara ($35.00 value) which is non smudging and washes off beautifully.

Note: this service is NOT refreshable, just come back when you are ready to enhance your lash-line again; or next time try Naked Lash Length and Volume and say goodbye to mascara forever!

(1/2 hr, $79, 1st and every third service includes a tube of our wonderful mascara.)


Lash-Line Enhancer +PLUS+

Not ready for a full set of extensions?

Same service as LASHLINE ENHANCER with the added PLUS of extra time for a more lush framework. Still not a full set, still not a big commitment, still not refreshable, still comes with mascara. It’s Lash Line Enhancer PLUS!!! 
(1 hour, $127). 

Lash Refresh Services
(Current clients only. New clients see "Refresh Coming from Another Lash Studio")

Keeping Your Lashes Lush

Your lashes will be given a health inspection, loose inserts will be removed, lost inserts replaced. You decide when you need it. Prices based firmly on time since last appointment: 

UP TO 3 weeks since last appointment…$77

UP TO 4 weeks since last appointment…$85

UP TO 5 weeks since last appointment…$95

After 5 weeks a new set is required….$225

 *Naked Lashes can be continually refreshed if healthy shedding is taking place. 

Refresh Coming from Another Lash Studio

We are ready to welcome you!

If you have had lashes done at another studio but would love to try us we will be honored and glad to have you. We will spend time examining the health of your lashes and the quality of your current service. We will proceed with the refresh if your current service is cleanly done and healthy. Your lash health is important to us. We do see some services coming from elsewhere that have clumping, excessive adhesive use, badly placed cluster lashes, etc., all of which will harm your lash line over time and we will not work over those services. If your service is one which we won’t work over you will only be charged $30, not the full refresh cost. Your lash artist will show you why she won’t work over your service and explain to you the options for returning for a service here if you should choose to do so.
(1 hr, $77)

Mind The Gap Service

Just Right When You Have A Gap

When you shed in one spot giving you an annoying gap in your lash line but your refresh is too far away, this 20 minute appointment will fill the gap. Priced and timed for your convenience.


Our Brow Services

Custom Brows Add Polish to Your Look

Perfect Brow Manicure

The Difference You’re Looking For

The Perfect Brow Manicure is a brow service intended for optimum brow shaping and definition using the ocular structure of the face as a point-by-point guideline. Only the “debris hair” from the shaped area will be removed with a gentle tweezing technique designed to allow healthy future brow growth without damage or discoloration caused by waxing. 
(15-30 min $40)

Perfect Brow Refresh

Keeping Your Look Fresh

Maintain your Perfect Brow shape year round with quick convenient refresh appointments scheduled within 6 weeks of your Perfect Brow Manicure or last Brow Refresh with us.

(10-15 min, $28)

Men's Brow Service

For Him Too

Clean and manicured brows make the man. 

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